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Power Employee Connection & Retention

Is your audience looking for ways to help retain talent in this era of non-stop change?

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker who understands today’s volatile business landscape and can challenge, energize, and inspire your leadership audience with novel insights that will motivate new actions?

“As the host of the Women in IT & Security CXO community, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Gena Cox multiple times. Her expertise aligns with our community’s values, and she is able to connect with the audience in a way that elevates the entire event. I especially appreciate the ease with which she responds to the Q&A portion of the program.”

- Kavitha Mariappan, Senior Vice President IT Transformation | Cybersecurity Risk & Strategy | Customer Experience | GTM Strategy & Operations | CMO Zscaler

“Gena's talk about the impact of Respect set the tone for the whole conference, exceeding our expectations in terms of content and impact. Our audience was buzzing about it all day and the talk remains top of mind long after the event.”

- Donna Manion, Vice President, Human Resources Suncoast Credit Union and Programs Director, Suncoast HR Association (a SHRM Affiliate Chapter)

“Dr. Gena Cox's engaging sessions on the surprising power of Respect were incredibly impactful. Leaders and employees loved her ideas for building trust and connection at work because they could put them to use right away.”

- Ronda Mullen, Director, Learning and Leadership Development Epiq

“Having Dr. Cox speak at our Global Conference in September was an absolute pleasure. This was our 8th global event and Dr. Cox's talk about Mindset, Courage and Action will make a difference in perspective, guidance, and insights on how YOU can take real-life actionable steps to improve diversity and inclusion programs in your company and in your life!.”

- Ron Saharyan (sa- hâr-ē-an), Co-founder and Managing Director Profit First Professionals, LLC

“Gena, you helped make our DEI event a rousing success. Let’s partner on something amazing again very soon!”

- Jennifer A. Griffith, PhD, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior Morrison Fellow of Diversity, Paul College of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire

“Gena was hired as an external speaker for Cengage Group to join me and our CEO on a company-wide webinar live for our 4,500 employees to discuss new career growth strategies in a post-pandemic world. Live feedback from our internal Slack channel: “Gena Cox is an amazing force field of expertise and positive energy.”

- Adam Koussari-Amin (he/him/his), Director, Talent Management, Cengage Group

“Gena’s talk generated many “ah-ha” moments for our students and staff. She provided key insights and engaged the audience from start to finish with her high-energy relational style!"

- Tiffiny M. Hughes-Troutman, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice School of Psychology Georgia Institute of Technology

Gena Cox, Ph.D., an organizational psychologist, has advised executives and leaders in many of the largest companies in the United States for more than 25 years. Her guidance helps leaders support employee connections that can enhance resilience, buffer against burnout, and retain the best talent to support the futures they envision for their organizations. 

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Gena Cox

might be an ideal keynoter for your audience.

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The Keynote

The Surprising Power of Respect: How Enlightened Leaders Create Sticky Workplaces That Retain Talent

You love leadership, but this era of nonstop change is exhausting and frustrating.

As you lurch from one priority to another, something must give. Often, it’s the time you want to spend with your team. You worry that team members feel disconnected from one another and you. Are they feeling burned out? Are they thinking about leaving?

You peruse podcasts and business books, but they offer complicated and burdensome advice when you seek a lightweight and scalable solution.

Gena Cox

Keynote speaker Gena Cox, Ph. D., has identified a powerful tool for enhancing employee retention through her deep research on organizational culture and employee experience.

“Respect,” a concept we first learned as a child, could be the surprising power source for the leadership impact you crave. Employees who feel respected are more connected, 55% more engaged, and less likely to leave an organization. Yet, many overlook and undervalue this power.

In this rousing 45-minute keynote, organizational psychologist Gena shares a memorable and easily adoptable 3-step framework to amplify your leadership impact by tapping into the power of Respect. Gena shows how a large organization reduced turnover in a critical job category while enhancing leaders’ reputations and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

By the end of the keynote your audience will have considered:


How to create a work environment that delights employees.


Routines for sharing an inspiring and compelling vision amid turbulence.


Tactics that enhance trust and build connection.


Practices to build a mindset of inclusion that helps each employee feel valued.


Approaches to leading other managers so they, too, can build team cohesion and resilience.

Gena Cox

About Gena

Dr. Gena Cox, a keynote speaker,  is an organizational psychologist deeply knowledgeable about the human experience at work. In her talks, she equips leaders with people-centered, psychology-backed techniques to drive employee retention and performance in the face of volatility. 

Gena spent decades advising corporate leaders on enhancing organizational culture using insights from applied research. This taught her that Respect is a potent yet overlooked antidote to employee discontent. Simultaneously, she coached executives on how to enhance their influence and impact. She noticed that familiar leadership models were too convoluted for volatile times.

Leaders need simple, repeatable models they can learn quickly and easily implement. This insight prompted Gena to create her transformative "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" and "Yes ... And" frameworks and write her award-winning Amazon best-selling book Leading Inclusion. Her forthcoming 2024 book examines how small behavior changes can build connections at work.

Gena’s work has been featured in Harvard Business ReviewFast Company, Fortune, Forbes, and Market Watch/Barrons, among others.



Book Gena to Speak at Your Event

Gena’s work has been featured widely in media, including Harvard Business Review and Fast Company.

The Surprising Power of Respect: How Enlightened Leaders Create Sticky Workplaces That Retain Talent

The Surprising Power of Respect: How Enlightened Leaders Create Sticky Workplaces That Retain Talent

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